In marketing, the written materials serve only one purpose: to convert.

To educate? Of course.

To entertain? Sure, why not?

But the purpose of this education and entertainment, at the end of the day, is to convert.

(In layman’s terms: convert = put more money in your business’s bank account)

The Problem with Freelance Writers

freelance writer, marketing consultant, business writer, conversion, increase conversionsThe problem with finding freelance writers is that most of them just want to write articles or basic SEO content and web copy just for the sake of getting the job done.

They might have a little concern for keeping your blog content up to date with your editorial calendar, but that’s the extent of it. Otherwise, they don’t care how well your company does.

If this sounds familiar, all I can say is “tell me about it!” I’ve been in your shoes.

Previously, I worked as Content Director for a wide-reaching tech startup and it was all I could do to stay cool while working with writers who didn’t give a rat’s behind about how their content actually performed. It was wordy, clunky, and 75% of the time didn’t even align with the business goal they were assigned to work towards.

There had to be an easier way.

The Solution: Marketing First, Then Writing

When I moved into a more upper-level marketing position from Content Director, I had a larger view of everything and saw what the problem really was: It wasn’t that the problem writers didn’t receive enough direction, it was that they simply didn’t care to dig deep and entrench their brains with the marketing and business goals of the company, so their writing was only surface-level at best.

The solution was to start hiring people who had experience writing and understood what it took to pull off a great marketing strategy. In short, smart people who actually cared.

If needed, they could even be counted on as mini marketing consultants to make sure the sales funnel they were developing or the guest blog posts they were publishing were in line with the company goals and all the other marketing efforts happening simultaneously.

Marketing Consultant + Business Writer

make more sales, sales conversions, marketing, marketing consultant, freelance writer, carolina freelance writer, business writerI’ve made and implemented handfuls of marketing plans that have driven small businesses and startups to success, many within the first quarter.

I know what it takes to show customers your true value, I pay attention to what target audiences want, and I implement this into each piece of marketing content I plan, write, publish and distribute.

Because my writing is steeped so heavily in your marketing strategy (whether I help you create it or you’ve already got it planned), you can count on it actually helping you accomplish your goals.

Check out what some of my previous clients have had to say:

Client Feedback:

  • “Hi Chelsea, the pages are amazing.” -Ahmed Mohsen of Atum Studio
  • “That works for me, and I like the mindset – how [you’ve] written it.” -Maurice Danzey of Always Forward Investment Group
  • “Good tone. You maintain a conversational but highly authoritative tone (even on drier topics) that really puts the reader at ease and helps them weed through complicated processes. Even on more complicated titles, I didn’t feel intimidated to read your work… This also speaks to the solid references you find to back up your work.”
  • “You write actively. This is truly something to celebrate… the content you have is not in danger of being weighed down by clunky construction.”


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