freelance writer on macbook

Writing for your business.

It sounds easy enough, right?

Hah, you’re probably here because you’ve already opened that can of worms only to realize the job of business writing isn’t as enjoyable or chic as it’s made out to be.

Believe me, I get it.

I’ve been in your shoes.

And with my current gig as Content Director for a technical services company & startup incubator, I am in your shoes right now.

I know what good business writing is and what it isn’t. I’ve learned what converts and what doesn’t. And I know the difference between the kind of content you should produce and the kind you should stay away from like your life depends on it.

So, how exactly can I help you?

I’m really good at finding ways to advance your online content strategy to increase your inbound marketing ROI. (How’s that for business speak?)

Seriously, after a quick meeting to discuss your goals for a content strategy re-haul or just one particular piece of content, I can write something that’s completely kick-ass, and helps you find ways to position it in the market to get visibility, credibility, and more customers. (And therefore more money. Yay!)

Read more about my business writing expertise here.

And you can click here to check out my available services.

And of course, here’s my portfolio.

Client Feedback:

  • “Hi Chelsea, the pages are amazing.” -Ahmed Mohsen of Atum Studio
  • “That works for me, and I like the mindset – how [you've] written it.” -Maurice Danzey of Always Forward Investment Group
  • “Good tone. You maintain a conversational but highly authoritative tone (even on drier topics) that really puts the reader at ease and helps them weed through complicated processes. Even on more complicated titles, I didn’t feel intimidated to read your work… This also speaks to the solid references you find to back up your work.”
  • “You write actively. This is truly something to celebrate… the content you have is not in danger of being weighed down by clunky construction.”